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The benefits of yoga in business


Practicing yoga in the workplace has many benefits: better efficiency at work, increased energy
even outside office hours, greater ease in taking initiatives and better self-control in stressful situations.
This practice promotes well-being at work and improves team performance
while giving employees a physical and mental boost.


Whether it is as part of a team-building, a seminar, a day dedicated to well-being,
or simply at noon during the lunch break, it is very easy to organize
accessible yoga sessions, for all audiences.


You are a Human Resources department, a works council or an employee, and you would like
to welcome the practice of yoga within your establishment?


I can offer different options, from a yoga class on-site to
a veritable tailor-made mindfulness approach for your company.

  • Yoga class on-site (price upon request based on the location of the company).

  • Chair yoga.

  • Integration of yoga, mindfulness and meditation in your team building events.

  • Tailor-made mindfulness and breath workshops.

  • Special yoga events or workshops, like yogawine, a yoga class followed by a wine tasting.

I teach yoga in both French and English.

To answer to all your questions and a taylor made price offer, please reach out via the button below.

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