A precious moment

A private yoga class is a privileged moment between a student and a teacher, a bubble of bliss and sweat. My role consists to always challenge the student  in a playfull way to get all the benefits and to stay motivated, it’s why I’m adjusting to the level and needs of my students.


The private classes are open to everyone, from total beginners to more advanced practitioners focusing on Hatha style with a strong emphasis on alignment, evolving to Hatha/Vinyasa or a Vinyasa and Yin practices if the student wishes to explore more diversity.


The duration of the class is 60 minutes with breathing exercices (Pranayama) and final relaxation.


One class per week minimum and a commiment of at least 3-4 months are required to get all the benefits. A payment upfront for the month is also required.


First time trial offer : 35 Euros

Price for one session : 70 Euros

Online private : 60 Euros 

Classes taught in English and/or French


Private group classes upon request.

Terms and conditions available by email.

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Photos Credit - Studio/Mateo Hamann & StreetArt,Outdoor/Stephanie Garnier