I now live in Marseille. You can see below the studios
and group classes where I teach.

My studio yoga classes


Meet me in a studio, every week, for group yoga classes in Marseille,
accessible to all audiences.

I give Hot Vinyasa and Yin classes at Hot Yoga Marseille close to le Vieux-Port and the prefecture, in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille.

Every other week, I also teach a Hatha class at the FrontRunners Marseille association.

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Hot Yoga Marseille

Monday - 19h15 - Hot Vinyasa  75 min (alternately)

Thursday - 18h30 - Hot Vinyasa 60 min


 20h - Yin 

75 min  (alternately)

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Class dedicated to the FrontRunners association and the LGBTQI+ community 

Almost eevery Wednesday 

20h - Hatha -75 min