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Yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is the specific use of yoga tools applied to the field of health. This preventive and/or curative support is complementary as unconventional care to conventional medicine and other MACs.

The tools used such as postures, breathing, meditative practices, relaxation exercises are as simple as possible and therefore accessible to everyone. These tools can be combined with additional advice such as healthy eating, micronutrition, herbal medicine and rhythm hygiene if necessary.

The goal is to find serenity and balance in body and mind.

Numerous studies today show the effectiveness of yoga therapy treatments.

Support in yoga therapy does not replace the advice or (medical) actions of a doctor. A professional in yoga therapy relies precisely on the diagnosis made by a doctor, so it is the preliminary step to any treatment.


How does yoga therapy
can help you?

YogaTherapy is different from yoga because it is tailor-made individual support that can adapt to the specificities and pathologies of each person.

The yoga therapy professional intervenes after a doctor who alone is able to make a diagnosis of the disorders. Once the disorders or illnesses have been diagnosed, the yoga therapist will be able to apply their knowledge of the disorders and the ability to select and support their student through different exercises and protocols.

The yoga therapy professional can support a student/patient with many disorders and pathologies.

On the psychopathological level with the management of emotions, anxiety, depression, behavioral and personality disorders, post-traumatic shock (PTSD), sleep disorders, addictions...

And also on the medical level with osteoarticular, immune, digestive, metabolic, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological disorders...

Both yoga and yoga therapy call on the resources that the student develops and for this their involvement and almost daily work is necessary and the key to the success of the treatment.

My support and services

I already consult within the framework of an association (the spot) on addiction disorders and I have decided to launch services on a small scale on all things psychopathology.


Support for yoga therapy sessions is often provided over 8 to 12 individual sessions, however the needs may be different and the support is always tailor-made.


A session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and its price is €75 regardless of the duration.

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